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FHL Friends and Partners: Thank you!

Thank you to FHL friends and partners, LithoPress and Indianapolis Fruit! You’re blessings to the city! – Merlin Gonzales, Founder, FHL Community

LithoPress has been a long time partner and supporter of FHL Community. FHL has often had the use of their 24-footer truck to transport food for pantry use. We thank LithoPress and Vice President, Bernie Lacey, for their generosity in helping support missional food pantries in Central Indiana.

Indianapolis Fruit is a distributor of fruits, vegetables and floral for the city of Indianapolis and they also have contributed to our missional food pantries. Indianapolis Fruit has a long record of supporting community outreaches in our city and FHL appreciates their friendship.  Thank you for all you do!

tchinerlOistFHL Friends and Partners: Thank you!

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