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FHL Community Needs : Warehouse

As we consider our need for a new warehouse, we ask that you keep FHL in prayer. FHL will move its current warehouse operation closer to the pantries that we serve (46208, 46205 and 46218). This move will help many smaller pantries reduce transportation costs while allowing FHL to expand its support.
Earlier this week, Founder, Merlin Gonzales, met with some possible donors. Discussions have advanced and another meeting is scheduled for next week.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support.  Lord willing, we will be provided with a new warehouse by our target date of July.   If you have a warehouse that you are willing to donate, you may contact us through Meet The Need.

UPDATE 6/1/2017: We are still waiting for the decision of one of our potential partners. Meanwhile, one business in Martindale-Brightwood offered us the temporary use of a space in his warehouse. Thank you for your continued prayers!


tchinerlOistFHL Community Needs : Warehouse

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