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FHL Partners: Building Missional Community

Recently, one of FHL’s Food Pantry Partners held their annual food drive and had this to say:

Serving the community is very important to the Mister Quik Team Members, so we try to find a way to help out Indianapolis once a month. This month, MQ Team Members worked together to gather food donations to help out Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc. The food donations will go to food pantries around Indianapolis to help families in need. We’d like to thank Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc. for giving us this opportunity!

Watch Mr. Quick’s recent video about this food drive.

Another practical way to build Missional Community.  Throughout the years, FHL has been in partnership with Mr. Quik Home Services to help those in need in our neighborhoods. Thank you Mr. Quik!

tchinerlOistFHL Partners: Building Missional Community

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