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In The Office: Mapping Our Neighborhoods

Here’s what we’re working on at FHL. Below are charts of “real” not “assumed” needs of the recipients at the FHL Training Food Pantry.

What if…

What if we can map out our neighborhoods to identify those who are in need of other assistance such as education, healthcare, youth activities OR identify those who received the Lord, those who rededicated and those who are already Christians. Armed with consolidated data, we can connect them with available resources and mobilize our church congregations to demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom, to be Salt of the Earth, to engage and to involve in meeting the needs their neighbors.

What if we can all work together using our gifts, treasure, time and talent to demonstrate the Kingdom principles by being out in the community and providing practical and spiritual answers to their needs?
What if…

tchinerlOistIn The Office: Mapping Our Neighborhoods

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