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Thank you to our BTH Ambassadors!

THANK YOU for all the Ambassadors, the donors and you who have supported us in prayers and encouragement. We have officially ended the Beyond This Hunger challenge but a few of us are continuing the challenge for another 7 days until August 4th. We felt that going beyond 7 days of hunger would give us deeper understanding of ourselves and the food insecure. Go here to read more stories that will give you deeper understanding of hunger:

Our campaign celebration was attended by several Ambassadors and donors. We had fun listening to stories and testimonials. Thank you to Boombozz Pizza in Carmel for donating the appetizers and a place to gather.

As we extend the challenge, you are invited to join us this week to experience how it’s like to be hungry to raise awareness and money to send willing individuals to an assessment-based curriculum to help get beyond hunger. Go to this link for more information how to get involved:

God bless you,

FHLThank you to our BTH Ambassadors!

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