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Beyond This Hunger Begins New Assessment Program

Beyond this Hunger” program is an innovative outreach of FHL Community designed to assist our food insecure neighbors by providing practical tools for successful living.

The State of the Food report by the Food and Agriculture Dept of the United States had this to say about food insecurity:

“Solutions require increased partnerships, enhanced risk management capacities and multi-year, predictable large-scale funding of disaster risk reduction and management and climate change adaption policies, programmes and practices.” –FAO

This extensive report from Food and Agriculture Department of the United Nations shows the complexity in addressing hunger. FHL Community continues to address hunger beyond food such as the introduction of Beyond this Hunger program.

If you are currently using the services of food pantries, listen to KLOVE 101.9 Indianapolis, IN  to find out how you could qualify for limited Free Assessment and Program to assist you beyond a bag of food. Email us for more details at:


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