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FHL Community: Founder’s Year 2018 Update

God is breaking new ground

In 2018, FHL trained and incubated 3 more Missional Food Pantries.

Through the 7 FHL Network of Missional Food Pantries:
• approximately prayed for 5000+ people
• 1179+ unique families were served
• 14,400+ bags of groceries were given

In February and March, two churches will be trained to open a missional food pantry.

On behalf of FHL leaders, staff, advocates and volunteers, I thank God for your prayers, encouragement and contribution. The food insecure are being fed, more volunteers are being mobilized and more people are walking from food pantries beyond just bags of food. The measurement of our success is not in terms of how many people we served, although that’s important, but how many
lives were changed.

Once again, thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Merlin Gonzales

tchinerlOistFHL Community: Founder’s Year 2018 Update

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