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FHL Missional Food Pantry Reports

From You Feed Them Missional Food Pantry at Barnes United Methodist Church…

To God be the Glory! We served 53 (10 were first time visitors) with an average of 10 bags of groceries each, that’s 152 lives touched with 530 bags of groceries!! There were 8 Salvations! 1 Baptism! 1 Deliverance! 1 Re-Dedication, and 1 Healing! We had 22 phenomenal Volunteers! Thank You to our partner Second Helpings for the 100 Awesome variety of Sandwiches, our guests loved them! Also, Thank You to our two Vendors that came to sign up clients to help them: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Oak Street Health.

From the Missional Food Pantry at Mount Nebo Baptists Missionary Church..

Blessed Day At Our Missional Food Pantry on Sat.We Touch 134 Lives,One Salvation,Pass Out 350 Bags Of Food.  Unto Him🙏

From Rebuilding the Village Missional Food Pantry at Nu Corinthian Baptist Church…

Another amazing night – Neighborhood to neighborhood, last night was in the Northwest Indy. Below are testimonials and pictures of the actual God moment. Hallelujah!  The volunteers here at “Rebuilding The Village” Missional Food Pantry at #NUCBC are still just as compassionate and determined to serve their Community physically and spiritually as they were when we, #FHLIndy, first trained them for this ministry. HALLELUH! 🕊😇 At the end of each MFP night, they ALL come together to share God’s glory through the night and close in prayer. One return guest’s testimony was that she got a job! Amen! 💜 (2.27.19) Their #MFP is every 4th Wednesday, 6-7:30pm.


What has FHL Missional Food Pantry training and support made possible with these food pantries?

It’s amazing how a simple “Missional” food pantry could change the spiritual atmosphere of a neighborhood. To find out more about this simple but powerful ministry that is invading our neighborhoods, contact or call 317-975-1709 or 317-572-5793

tchinerlOistFHL Missional Food Pantry Reports

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