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Missional Food Pantry Training: Expanding Our Reach

Missional food pantry training is reaching a number of existing food pantries and newer food pantries searching for ways to to give spiritual food to their clients. God has favored FHL Community  to speak on the subject “Evangelism at Food Pantries” at the IndyHunger Network Summit this Thursday at Light of the World Christian Church. Merlin Gonzales is one of the Workshop presenters at the 12:25 breakout session.

FHL Community is also expanding its reach with Missional Food Pantry Conferences this summer.  Below are just a few of the highlights of what FHL is doing and will be doing this summer.

One missional food pantry early Summer Conference is now in the planning stage. Looking forward to our partnership with Pastor Tim and the Freedom Church in Noblesville, In.


FHL is also finalizing an missional food pantry Conference for Divine Direction Christian Church on E. 46th Street in Indianapolis.

tchinerlOistMissional Food Pantry Training: Expanding Our Reach

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