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The Missional Approach: Missional Certification

After months of careful planning, methodical preparation, intercessions and intense training, Feed My Sheep Missional Food Pantry is ready for  Graduation and Certification!

Congratulations, Feed My Sheep! Greater things are yet to come!

We are looking forward to the Grand Opening of Feed My Sheep missional food pantry on Wednesday, April 10 at 6pm.

Are you interested in obtaining a missional food pantry certification for your food pantry?  Contact FHL Community by phone at: 317-572-5793 or email: .  FHL Missional Food Pantry Training School uses the FHL Missonal Food Pantry Training Manual to train students.

You can sign up to help Feed My Sheep under our April Volunteer Opportunities.

tchinerlOistThe Missional Approach: Missional Certification


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  • Phillip Christian - April 9, 2019 reply

    I am the Executive Pastor with Post Road Christian Church. I am interested in finding out more about your food pantry program.

  • Merlin Gonzales - April 10, 2019 reply

    Hello Brother Phil,

    Thank you for your keen interest in FHL’s Missional Food Pantry Program (MFP).
    I am looking forward to our phone conversation on Friday, the 12th to discuss the MFP unique approach in alleviating hunger.


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