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Friday’s FHL Livestream WrapUp for April 16,2020

Small Church Needs in COVID19

Stay home… Stay connected… Yesterday, we spoke about the plight of small urban churches. An associate pastor of a small urban Latino church shares the challenges of his church and his congregation. What if you could help someone?

My Father’s Table MFP at Cross Church Update

Find out what it feels like serving at a food pantry during COVID19. Kim, the Missional Food Pantry Director at Cross Church, shares what happened last Thursday night.

What’s it like in Serbia during a Pandemic?

Luka Obradovic, shares the environment and the state of his small town called Niš in Serbia. He  alsos share about the food insecurity in his town and how they are coping with this issue.

Joint Christian Response with Jim Cotterill

Before cofounding UNITE INDY, Jim and Nancy Cotterill also coauthored the book “World-Changing Generosity”

During the prior decade, Jim served as president of National Christian Foundation Indiana, where he strived to spread the message of biblical generosity. Under his leadership, NCF Indiana granted more than $155 million to churches, ministries and other charities serving God, people and causes from Indiana to India.

Prior to his not-for-profit career, Jim spent more than 22 years in the publishing business, where he was involved in starting and growing weekly business newspapers and monthly business and city magazines in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dallas and Columbus, Ohio.

tchinerlOistFriday’s FHL Livestream WrapUp for April 16,2020

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