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What a Drive-Thru MISSIONAL Food Pantry Provides

What does a Drive-Thru MISSIONAL Food Pantry Provide?

MILK – 1 gallon
CHICKEN NUGGETS – 11 lbs (frozen)
PULLED PORK – 5 lbs. (frozen)
BACON – 4 lbs.
POTATOES – 5 lbs. bag
ONIONS – 5 lbs. bag
AMERICAN CHEESE – 3 lbs. pack, individually wrapped slices
ORANGES – 4 lbs. bag

And READ the conversations about the offered prayer….

Watch as over $200 worth of refrigerated pre packed food (50 lbs) arrives during the latest tour of the FHL Drive-Thru Missional Food Pantry.  In addition, there were big white emergency boxes for each household.  If you or your church would like to know more why many food pantries are switching to Missional Food Pantries, email us at .

The FHL Drive Thru Missional Food Pantry is located at 6706 E 82nd St.,Indianapolis, IN. 46250 (Castleton Area).

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