FHL Food Pantry Training: Mt. Nebo MBC

Through God’s blessing, we completed the training at Mt. Nebo MBC! So proud of them for the preparation for the training and for renovating the place for their food pantry.

FHLFHL Food Pantry Training: Mt. Nebo MBC
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FHL Volunteers: Cleaning the Warehouse

A group of volunteers from Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church organized and cleaned the FHL warehouse.  At the same time,  the Prayer Team at Barnes UMC was being trained.

FHLFHL Volunteers: Cleaning the Warehouse
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FHL Table Talks: March Table Talk Roundup

At last week’s Table Talk, we discussed raising our awareness of our strengths and weaknesses and how they help propel or restrict our effectiveness.  There were four people who accepted the Lord at Training Pantry that immediately followed the Table Talk.  FHL Board member, Eldon Kibbey, helps serve at the FHL Missional Food Pantry Training Center.

Watch a short video explaining how to build missional food pantries in your community


FHLFHL Table Talks: March Table Talk Roundup
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FHL Food Pantry: Signs and Progress

Our new sign advertising our missional food pantry and training center.  We were able to bless the community (March 9) the 2nd Thursday from 1:30p-3:00p through prayers and food.

Earlier this week, FHL was checking on the progress of a supported food pantry at Light of the World Christian Church.
We had the pleasure of visiting their food pantry – blessing so many people every week.

FHLFHL Food Pantry: Signs and Progress
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