Table Talks: Identifying Pantries and Kitchens in Indy

One of our recent Table Talks was held at Eastern Star Church.

The theme for this Table Talk was identification of food pantries and soup kitchens in the area. What can the community do together to address hunger?

FHLTable Talks: Identifying Pantries and Kitchens in Indy
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FHL Warehouse: We’re moving temporarily

Earlier this week, several of FHL board members worked hard to help clear the FHL Warehouse. We will be moving out of the current warehouse soon. We have a partner who will be providing a temporary warehousing space.  But we still need a permanent warehouse location. Our Warehouse helps facilitate movement of food to our supported pantries.

Please pray for a permanent donated space before July 22nd. Also, please consider joining us in our move on July 22nd starting at 8am. God is great!

FHLFHL Warehouse: We’re moving temporarily
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FHL Community: Serving Barnes United Methodist Church

Earlier this week, Barnes United Methodist Church sent a message out to Vineyard Community Church and Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc. for the donation to their Clothing Ministry and their Community. They are extremely grateful for the support.  And FHL is glad for the opportunity to build relationships while serving the community.  But here, let’s let Barnes United Methodist tell you in their own words.


FHLFHL Community: Serving Barnes United Methodist Church
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FHL Week 2017: It’s Coming! (Moody Radio Interview)

FHL Week 2017

FHL Week 2017 will be held this year from July 23-July 29.  It is a week of projects and services for and by the local community. It is about activities that touch the lives of our neighbors. In a sense, it’s creating a missional community and supporting missional food pantry training. FHL seeks to engage the community in making our neighborhoods a better place to live in simple cooperative ways that involve sharing one of the basic human needs – food.

FHL Week 2017 Challenge

This year, similar to last year, we offer a challenge to organizations, groups and individuals to come up with food-related projects that will have an impact on your local community.  The best 7 ideas will be awarded $100 seed money to help complete your project.  A grand prize of $500 will be given to the best project. You can submit your project ideas and enter the FHL Week 2017 Challenge here.

What kind of projects for FHL Week are we looking for?  You can visit our FHL Week site and read about the many projects from last year to get some inspiration for your idea.

Moody Radio Interview: Merlin Gonzales on FHL Week 2017 Challenge

Listen in to Merlin’s interview about FHL Week 2017 Challenge where your team can win $600 for your food-related community project this coming Monday, June 19, 6:10AM on 97.9 FM. Thank you Moody Radio!

FHLFHL Week 2017: It’s Coming! (Moody Radio Interview)
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FHL Community Needs : Warehouse

As we consider our need for a new warehouse, we ask that you keep FHL in prayer. FHL will move its current warehouse operation closer to the pantries that we serve (46208, 46205 and 46218). This move will help many smaller pantries reduce transportation costs while allowing FHL to expand its support.
Earlier this week, Founder, Merlin Gonzales, met with some possible donors. Discussions have advanced and another meeting is scheduled for next week.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support.  Lord willing, we will be provided with a new warehouse by our target date of July.   If you have a warehouse that you are willing to donate, you may contact us through Meet The Need.

UPDATE 6/1/2017: We are still waiting for the decision of one of our potential partners. Meanwhile, one business in Martindale-Brightwood offered us the temporary use of a space in his warehouse. Thank you for your continued prayers!


FHLFHL Community Needs : Warehouse
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FHL Table Talk: A New Launch

.Earlier this week, FHL Table Talk  was launched at Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation.  FHL was warmly welcomed by the community leaders.

FHLFHL Table Talk: A New Launch
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