Donate And Then Blog about your Beyond This Hunger for FHL Week 2018

As a celebration of the 13th Annual FHL Week, FAITH HOPE AND LOVE COMMUNITY has created the “Beyond This Hunger” campaign. We are asking you to join us in this unique campaign.

“Beyond This Hunger” is an event where community leaders, celebrities, CEO’s, pastors, business owners become a voice for hungry families in Central Indiana by joining the campaign where they will eat one meal per day during “Faith Hope and Love Week”, July 22-28. Each participant will embark on the 0-0-1 campaign. (0-breakfast, 0-lunch, but 1-supper).

During “Faith Hope and Love Week”, participants will only eat one meal per day beginning on Sunday, July 22 until Saturday, July 28th. We believe that engaging in this activity will help participants and others shed some light on what’s it like to go hungry.

Will you support our efforts? Get started here to donate, become one of our Ambassadors, or help us spread the word about what our participants are doing.

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Our participants will journal/communicate what is happening in their daily lives through various channels and give consumers an opportunity to donate to the “Beyond This Hunger” campaign.

As part of the program, participants will boycott all snacks and 2 meals each day encouraging all of their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc., via email, text, social media, to join the “Beyond This Hunger” program by pushing out hunger facts, sharing stories from the field, creating awareness of the need, etc.

The goal is to raise enough money for 100 impoverished Central Indiana families to participate in a 20-week program to learn how to get “Beyond This Hunger”.

Will you Central Indiana families get “Beyond This Hunger”? Get Started Here to donate, join the participants or spread the word.

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