TICKETS: FHL Community Connection Celebration!

Since May 2020, FHL has operated a missional food pantry provided by Starbucks Inc. where over 100 volunteers from various churches, businesses, and organizations have served food boxes to over 400 households.

Please join us to celebrate the good action in progress, learn more about hunger awareness, and enjoy an evening connecting within your community!

FRIDAY EVENING, JULY 10th from 6-9pm

FHL Drive-Thru Missional Food Pantry, 6706 E. 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Safety is important to us, and due to COVID-19, we ask that all event participants wear masks if feasible, and practice social distancing during this fun, engaging event.

FHLTICKETS: FHL Community Connection Celebration!
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FHL Drive Thru Missional Dinner and Prayer To Go!

Do you need food assistance in the middle of the week?

The FHL Community Drive Missional Food Pantry is now serving “Dinners To-Go” every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm at our Castleton location at 6706 E. 82nd St. Indianapolis, IN 46250.  Starting this Thursday we will start the “Dinner To-go.” We will give cooked meals and the recipients can easily heat them up when they get home. Brought to your by Fearless Kitchen

Just stop by our Drive-thru window and we will give you pre-cooked meals for your family to enjoy at the comfort of your own home. We also offer prayers!!

Don’t forget; it’s Drive-thru Prayer on Tuesdays from 4 pm to 7 pm.

FHLFHL Drive Thru Missional Dinner and Prayer To Go!
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Redefining the Role of Missional Food Pantry.

The New Normal

In order to sustain a missional food pantry that serves close to 500 households per month, each of them receiving $250 worth of food, we need to replenish 6-8 pallets of food on a weekly basis.

To that purpose, every Tuesday from 4-7pm (except the 3rd Tuesday), Faith, Hope and Love, offers the community an opportunity to give back through our FHL Giving On Tuesday

As part of what makes us a missional food pantry, we also offer Drive-thru Prayer every Tuesday as well.  Please join us as we continue to redefine the role of a food pantry in a neighborhood.

FHLRedefining the Role of Missional Food Pantry.
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The Aspects of a MISSIONAL Food Pantry


Our FHL Drive-Thru Missional Food Pantry starts with devotions.  After the spiritual, then the physical demonstration of God’s love.  Every Saturday from 10 am to 11:30 am; one household per month is given boxes of food, one with fresh and the other nonperishable.

Households Served And Prayed For

The Drive-Thru pantry service continues with serving 35+ vehicles with 57 households.  As part of the missional outreach to each household, on a given Saturday there is an average of 17 salvations and 1 rededication.  Added on to the cars who receive food through the Drive-Thru, are those expanded volunteers’ outreaches ending with a total of 100 households provided.

How Our Outreaches End

At the end of each Saturday’s Drive-Thru missional food pantry, we offer the volunteers boxes of food to deliver on their way home to families in need and to offer prayers for the recipients as well.  One of the very first ever volunteers of Faith, Hope and Love community delivered food to a family in a trailer park west of Indy. She received this beautiful note from the family!




FHLThe Aspects of a MISSIONAL Food Pantry
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What a Drive-Thru MISSIONAL Food Pantry Provides

What does a Drive-Thru MISSIONAL Food Pantry Provide?

MILK – 1 gallon
CHICKEN NUGGETS – 11 lbs (frozen)
PULLED PORK – 5 lbs. (frozen)
BACON – 4 lbs.
POTATOES – 5 lbs. bag
ONIONS – 5 lbs. bag
AMERICAN CHEESE – 3 lbs. pack, individually wrapped slices
ORANGES – 4 lbs. bag

And READ the conversations about the offered prayer….

Watch as over $200 worth of refrigerated pre packed food (50 lbs) arrives during the latest tour of the FHL Drive-Thru Missional Food Pantry.  In addition, there were big white emergency boxes for each household.  If you or your church would like to know more why many food pantries are switching to Missional Food Pantries, email us at .

The FHL Drive Thru Missional Food Pantry is located at 6706 E 82nd St.,Indianapolis, IN. 46250 (Castleton Area).

FHLWhat a Drive-Thru MISSIONAL Food Pantry Provides
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