Special Announcement: Feb 2020 Table Talk and WFYI

FHL Community Special Announcement

The February 13th FHL Community Table Talk will be focused on food insecurity in colleges and universities titled Hunger In Edu. This Table Talk will be hosted and moderated by WFYI. Here are the directions/location:  WFYI’s Studio.

Our January 9, 2020 FHL Table Talk will be held at the usual location and same time. The topic will be: Donors, the Oxygen of non-profits.

FHL Community Table Talks

Time: 11-12:30pm

Place: 1100 w 42nd., Indianapolis, IN, 46208

FHLSpecial Announcement: Feb 2020 Table Talk and WFYI
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FAM: 200,000 Have Low Food Access in Indianapolis

The goal of FAM, our new Food Access Mobile missional food pantry bus, seen recently on CBS4Indy, Fox 59 and RTV6, is to begin serving those who have low food access in the central Indiana area.  That might not seem like a lot but according to a food access report by (IUPUI) there are 200,000 living in the Indianapolis area affected by low food access in what are called food deserts.

What is low food access?

“A low food access area is one where many people or a large share of people do not have a grocery store nearby. Low food access tracts are those where at least 500 people or 33 percent of people are more than one mile from a supermarket, supercenter, or large grocery store. We modified this definition (from the USDA) to suit block groups, which are smaller. We define low food access block groups as having at least 200 people or 33 percent of people further than one mile from a supermarket, supercenter, or large grocery store.” – (

Where Is Food Access Low in Indianapolis?

“Grocery stores, like other large retailers, tend to locate along major thoroughfares. This provides some low income areas on the south side, Near Eastside, and Near Westside with close access to a grocery.

However, many low income areas have low food access, making them food deserts. One of the largest food deserts are in the north and northwest of downtown in neighborhoods like Riverside and Crown Hill. Another large food desert is northeast of downtown in parts of Martindale-Brightwood, Forest Manor, and Arlington Woods.

Mars Hill and West Indianapolis, on the city’s southwest side, contain a large food desert, as well as parts of the Near Southeast neighborhood. Finally, another large food desert exists on the Far Eastside (north of Cumberland and south of Lawrence).” (

You can explore this interactive map to see why an answer to food deserts and low food access is needed.  FHL’s FAM seeks to answer that need.

FHLFAM: 200,000 Have Low Food Access in Indianapolis
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Missional Food Pantry Training and College Students.

Do you know that food insecurity in colleges and universities is worse than the general public?   A new nationwide study has released some startling findings on our college campuses.

The nationwide survey of college students found 45 percent reported being food insecure, meaning they have limited or uncertain access to food, in the past month.

At four year institutions, more than a third reported eating smaller meals, or skipping them altogether, because they didn’t have enough money.

Eight percent went an entire day without eating. – Study: Hunger, food insecurity rates among college students higher than rest of nation

That’s why 2 years ago, Faith, Hope and Love partnered with Paw’s Pantry at IUPUI to support their efforts in helping students with food insecurity as they attend college.

The following article introduced what their fledgling pantry had to offer then

Helping Food Pantries With Food Donations

Paw’s Pantry is located at IUPUI, 420 University Blvd.Indianapolis IN 46208


Contact: Shaina Lawrence










FHLMissional Food Pantry Training and College Students.
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The Answer to Food Deserts: FHL FAM

Food Access Mobile #FAM is a Missional Mobile Food Pantry which will be unveiled Saturday, November 23 at 10am in front of Greater Works Church located at 4660 E. 62nd St., Indianapolis In. 46220

The vehicle was retrofitted to be able to serve food desert areas in the Central Indiana area with groceries and offer the FHL’s signature outreach – prayers at food pantries.

Merlin Gonzales, FHL Community Founder was interviewed by RadioOneIndy recently to tell the community more about FAM and its mission.  Watch below as FAM is taken for a dry run.

Several major local stations featured the #FHLIndy Food Access Mobile #FAM. Missional Mobile Food Pantry started immediately after the ribbon cutting at 10am this past saturday at 4660 E. 62nd St., Indianapolis, In 46220.  Follow below with our media coverage.







If you would like to volunteer to help with FAM,  email us at  You are also welcome to visit us on Saturday, November 23d at Greater Works Church to see FHL Community’s answer to food insecurity and the food desert problem.

FHLThe Answer to Food Deserts: FHL FAM
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Missional Food Pantries Open Doors in the Community

Recently, God opened the door for FHL Community to co-labor again with our Latino brothers and sisters.

We had another fantastic (Timeline) meeting with their church leaders and all are looking forward to establishing a missional food pantry on the East side close to downtown Indianapolis.

FHLMissional Food Pantries Open Doors in the Community
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