The Unfolding of A Miracle

by Merlin Gonzales

Just before lunch on March 20th, 2020, I shared with my pastor about the news I had seen on tv – a priest was offering a drive-through communion to adhere to “social distancing” during the COVID-19 pandemic. He chuckled and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn a vacant Starbucks building into a drive-through prayer center?”

Why Not?

Even before he finished his sentence, I chimed in “Why not turn the vacant building into a drive-through food pantry?”

It will be very safe. We will adhere to social distancing and all other safety guidelines.  It’s the perfect location – right off the interstate at a main street on Indy’s NE side. And it will meet the needs of so many people.

Why not?

The thought kept burning in my heart …

Perfect timing and perfect location

A number of food pantries in the area have been forced to close, for various reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed numerous additional challenges and risks, such as the gathering of people inside buildings. Even something as simple as weather conditions can affect food pantry success.

But with a DRIVE-THROUGH facility, health and safety guidelines can easily be followed and any effects of weather can be minimized.

And our mission remains clear: to partner with our food insecure neighbors and help them on their way to self-sufficiency.
So maybe this is the perfect time and the perfect place.
Why not?


Within just a few hours that same day, I was on the phone with the realtor and a Starbucks executive at their HQ in Seattle. This idea was becoming a reality!

I shared the story with several colleagues and we formed a simple Task Force. Our goal would be to create a “real” drive-through food pantry, offering food to those in need and safety for the volunteers.

Unique opportunity

Now that the perfect site is available, we can literally provide food for hundreds of households a week. Through this initiative, we are also creating opportunities to serve and to give during this world-wide pandemic. We can all join together in helping our community, whether by donating food and grocery items, transportation/logistics, equipment, funding … or simply giving of yourself through your volunteer time and your prayers.

Who we are

Faith Hope and Love Community aims to be a catalyst for change by engaging in relationships with food insecure neighbors on their path to self-sufficiency through missional food pantry training and creative outreaches to alleviate hunger.

Join us!

With the COVID-19 outbreak and its overall effect in our community, we would like to extend to you the wonderful opportunity to be a part of providing hope to our residents. This initiative will not only open opportunities to give food, but also to offer hope through the uniqueness of a “missional” food pantry.

How Can I Help?

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