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MLK Community Center Volunteer Garden

Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc. shared Martin Luther King Community – Multi Service Center’s post — at Martin Luther King  Community Center.

God is good; 3 projects in 1 day!  FHL had more than 30 volunteers from IUPUI who worked on serving the community on
Sat., April 16th. 2016.   The pictures below were taken at the MLK  Community Center while the volunteers worked on cleaning the surrounding area and assembling the raised garden, one group  cleaned the 39th/Graceland neighborhood and the last group helped in one of our missional food pantries. Thanks to our partners: MLK Community Center, Midtown Vineyard Community Church, Lilies of the Valleys Church, IUPUI, a generous  local business…

tchinerlOistMLK Community Center Volunteer Garden
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IUPUI Caesar Chavez Day of Service

We had an FHL ‘Kindness Day’ at the office.  Several IUPUI students came to help out for Cesar Chavez Day of Service! They sorted products, assembled rack shelving and cleaned.  We now have more space to receive more donations!

tchinerlOistIUPUI Caesar Chavez Day of Service
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Tarkington Park Indianapolis Prayer Walk

This is the view from our office – Tarkington Park. While the $5 million park makeover is going on, the local residents were enjoying the beautiful weather that day. There are 30,000 people living within 3-mile radius of the park.

On a recent Friday starting at 1:30p, a few of FHL volunteers prayed and walked 7 times around the park. All were welcome to join us. Our meeting took place at the FHL office.  A short briefing was held at 1:30p then we walked around the park 7 times while praying specifically for neighborhood transformation.

Two hours and ten minutes. That’s how long it took us to do the prayer walk that afternoon.

tchinerlOistTarkington Park Indianapolis Prayer Walk
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Clergy and Service Organizations Breakfast

After a wonderful FHL Board retreat, FHL Founder, Merlin Gonzales, was invited as the Keynote Speaker for the Meridian–Kessler Neighborhood Annual Clergy and Service Organizations Breakfast. The topic was “The power and value of Engagement” which has been the focus of Faith Hope and Love Community since its inception in 2005. Three weeks later, several attendees gathered to start planning some neighborhood outreaches including helping the neighborhood food pantries

tchinerlOistClergy and Service Organizations Breakfast
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