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Faith Hope Love Inc. Table Talk: June 9, 2016

FHL strives to bring different denominations to work together. This year, FHL will focus on bringing  4 contiguous neighborhoods in Indy – Meridian-Kessler, Butler-Tarkington, Crown Hill and the United Northwest neighborhoods.
There will be outreaches, projects and services all around these neighborhoods for this year’s FHL Week which will be on July 24th-30th.

There are already several projects in the planning stage and more will come. You are invited to join and witness the convergence of 4 neighborhoods in Indy. Contact Merlin at for more info.

We hope you can join us this Thursday at 12pm for this month’s table talk. We are so excited to have John Whitaker, Executive Director for Midwest Food Bank as our guest speaker.

FHL will be providing lunch. We will start at noon and end at 1:30pm.

Don’t forget to bring one of your volunteer or leaders!

We are looking forward to having you there!










Contact FHL today so you can participate in the next table talk.


FHLFaith Hope Love Inc. Table Talk: June 9, 2016
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Pantry of Hope at Keenan-Stahl Now Part of the Community

FHL planted the Pantry of Hope in 2010. It is now a part of the community.  Merlin had the privilege to pray for 3 dozen people last Saturday. At the end of the pantry, Merlin received a prayer note from one of the families that we served.  Please join us in praying for the family.

FHLPantry of Hope at Keenan-Stahl Now Part of the Community
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Conceptualizing Projects for Faith Hope and Love Week 2016

KNA/BTNA ( communities midtown surrounding area ) meeting on conceptualizing different projects for Faith Hope and Love Week. It’s coming together! Merlin shared his project to teach simple evangelism and then outreach! Different positions were explored for each person to create on their team. We had community leaders, police officers, a librarian, a Red Cross representative, and pastors representing churches. FHL believes every Christian needs to learn how to bring others to Christ. Merlin will be assisting with this group to help them press into God’s Kingdom to advance in this area.

God is putting teams together in different ways to reach out to neighborhood associations, government, churches and businesses.

Contact FHL if you or a church group wants to plan a project for FHL Week 2016


FHLConceptualizing Projects for Faith Hope and Love Week 2016
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Faith Hope Love Inc. Table Talk: May 12, 2016

The monthly FHL Table Talk was attended by 6 out of the 15 current operating food pantries/soup kitchens in 46208 and surrounding neighborhoods.  We had a great discussion about the need for change to serve our neighborhoods even better.










Contact FHL today so you can participate in the next table talk.


FHLFaith Hope Love Inc. Table Talk: May 12, 2016
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FHL Community Announces FHL Week 2016

MKNA Mission Week Meeting with other community leaders joining, coached and brought together by Merlin Gonzales of Faith Hope and Love Community. We are exploring opportunities to serve TOGETHER to see God’s presence in the multiple neighborhoods represented during FHL week July 24rd -July 31st — at Midtown Vineyard Community Church.

FHLFHL Community Announces FHL Week 2016
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MLK Community Center Volunteer Garden

Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc. shared Martin Luther King Community – Multi Service Center’s post — at Martin Luther King  Community Center.

God is good; 3 projects in 1 day!  FHL had more than 30 volunteers from IUPUI who worked on serving the community on
Sat., April 16th. 2016.   The pictures below were taken at the MLK  Community Center while the volunteers worked on cleaning the surrounding area and assembling the raised garden, one group  cleaned the 39th/Graceland neighborhood and the last group helped in one of our missional food pantries. Thanks to our partners: MLK Community Center, Midtown Vineyard Community Church, Lilies of the Valleys Church, IUPUI, a generous  local business…

FHLMLK Community Center Volunteer Garden
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IUPUI Caesar Chavez Day of Service

We had an FHL ‘Kindness Day’ at the office.  Several IUPUI students came to help out for Cesar Chavez Day of Service! They sorted products, assembled rack shelving and cleaned.  We now have more space to receive more donations!

FHLIUPUI Caesar Chavez Day of Service
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Tarkington Park Indianapolis Prayer Walk

This is the view from our office – Tarkington Park. While the $5 million park makeover is going on, the local residents were enjoying the beautiful weather that day. There are 30,000 people living within 3-mile radius of the park.

On a recent Friday starting at 1:30p, a few of FHL volunteers prayed and walked 7 times around the park. All were welcome to join us. Our meeting took place at the FHL office.  A short briefing was held at 1:30p then we walked around the park 7 times while praying specifically for neighborhood transformation.

Two hours and ten minutes. That’s how long it took us to do the prayer walk that afternoon.

FHLTarkington Park Indianapolis Prayer Walk
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