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FHL Warehouse: Backyard Mission Work

Volunteers gathered at the FHL Warehouse earlier this week to load up pallets for distribution to the community through missional food pantries. Missional food pantries differ from past food pantry and soup kitchen methods and set up by serving the client both spiritually and physically.

The original backyard mission work continues where its needed most – in service to those in our own communities.

tchinerlOistFHL Warehouse: Backyard Mission Work
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FHL Warehouse: 7 FHL Network Food Pantries Blessed

God has provided us an abundance of fresh produce and healthy food today! 7 FHL network food pantries received these blessings and will, in turn, bless their neighbors!

Please help support our Shared Service of storing and providing food.  Thank you!

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tchinerlOistFHL Warehouse: 7 FHL Network Food Pantries Blessed
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FHL Missional Food Pantry: A Christmas Blessing

There are no coincidences when there are God experiences to be had. Thank you to all that helped bless this single father and his 7 month old daughter, LJ.

He was seeking utility assistance on a day the new FHL Missional Food Pantry was open (every 2nd Thursday of the month from 1:30p-3p ) . Our Registration process includeed following up with a call to check in (relationship-building) and seeking prayer requests (ministry). He shared his needs for his daughter with our Prayer Team Leader, who in turn spoke to me about those needs, asking if my ministry could help. What happened next was God showing his blessing on all.  After blessing them with the physical gifts, the opportunity allowed Donna and I to minister with spiritual gifts. A special thank you to all those tagged! Including 2 aren’t tagged!

tchinerlOistFHL Missional Food Pantry: A Christmas Blessing
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