Why We Do It

FHL Community is a local faith-based organization moving our base of operations to the 46208 area of Central Indiana. We also work along side those who are helping heal the land in certain Central Indiana neighborhoods.  We believe in working hard to meet the spiritual and physical hunger of our neighbors who need us.  And that’s what makes us different. We help people in need through our ability to make connections, to mobilize volunteers, and to find solutions for the problems that people face when it comes to food insecurity.


What makes us different from other food pantries?

We believe that food insecurity and spiritual hunger are tied together.  And this is why we bring a new focus to incubating and supporting food pantries in Central Indiana.  We see a connection between prayer and positive outcomes in the lives of those who need us most.

Why is our current focus on the 46208 area of Marion County?

The FHL Board has determined through discussion and consideration that the greatest need right now is in this area.  We hope to learn much from the residents and our work with them so that we can expand our support outward into the surrounding areas of need in Central Indiana, helping turn areas hard hit from the recession into thriving neighborhoods.

We hope that you will join us in meeting the spiritual and physical hunger of those who need us most!

tchinerlOistWhy We Do It