Clergy ID Badge Information


FHL offers the processing of Clergy ID Badges in Indiana. Read how to apply below.

Faith Hope and Love Community provides service to Christian clergy in the state of Indiana. FHL provides a photo identification card to ordained or commissioned individuals or to individuals who have primary pastoral responsibility in a local congregation or institution. These Clergy I.D. Badges are intended for the primary pastoral visitations.
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  1. Make sure all *required information on the form is filled out
  2. Upload your ID photo and required reference letters to be considered for badge
  3. In 3-5 days, an FHL Representative will contact you and confirm your acceptance
  4. After your application has been confirmed, you will be issued a Clergy Badge, including your submitted photo by mail.
  5. Your official Clergy Badge will permit you access to prisons, hospitals and other locations where clergy render services.


  1. The cost of of a Clergy Badge is $40.
  2. Badges are valid for 3 years.
  3. The cost for a replacement badge is $30.


1) Photo ID and ID Document Upload

Please upload an official government photo identification card and one of the following: • Ordination certificate, call document, or license from your religious body, (in faith communities that do have regularly ordained clergy). An “Authority to Solemnize Marriage License” will not be accepted as a form of documentation. • In the case of a ministerial student, a letter from your religious leader stating that you are functioning as a professional pastoral care provider authorized by a congregation/faith group is required. • In the case of a lay person or religious representatives functioning as a professional pastoral care provider, a letter from your religious leader, congregational executive committee, or religious provincial designating your professional role as a leader who is authorized to provide pastoral care to the congregation/faith.
Upload your Photo ID and 1 document of Identification. CLICK THE BLUE + BUTTON(Required)
Photo Submission Guidelines  1. Submit JPEG Photo that is colored, not blurry, and taken in at least the past six months 2. Use a headshot (lower part of the neck and up) behind a plain white background or off-white background 3. Keep a neutral face, have eyes open, and do not smile with teeth.  4. Are not allowed to wear sunglasses or use filters in the photo submission  5. Have another person take a photo of you (No selfie allowed)

2) Applicant Form

Please fill out your name, address, phone, email and date of birth. All fields are required*
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please enter your date of birth

3) Church Information

Please enter the name of your church or organization, address, position, spiritual leader, phone, fax and email
Spiritual Leader(Required)

4) Waiver and Digital Consent

This is a waiver that Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc. does not ensure any guaranty of authority for the use of the badge. FHL only processes your Clergy Badge. Your electronic signature (digital consent) constitutes a legal signature. SEE WAIVER NOTES IN LINK ABOVE

5) Badge Payment

Price for 1 badge - $40.00 | Price for Replacement Badge - $30.00 THIS IS NOT A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION
Price: $40.00
Price: $30.00
Do you agree to storage of your data?*
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