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FHL Giving Tuesday Now – May 5, 2020

We are participating in #GivingTuesdayNow, to bring about greater awareness of food insecurity and get more involvement in our services through donations and volunteer support. FHL has participated in #GivingTuesday in the past years with success. Merlin Gonzales, President/CEO of FHL, “is very glad to be involved with the #GivingTuesdayNow program. Our aim is to generate more awareness and support for FHL and other similar organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic posed some challenges, but we are moving forward in spite of it anyway. The drive thru pantry is one way that exemplifies this forward momentum.” “As a global community, we can mourn this moment of extreme crisis while also finding the opportunity to support one another. We each have the power to make an impact with acts of generosity, no matter how small, and to ensure the sustainability of organizations and services that are crucial to the care and support of our communities,” said Asha Curran, CEO of GivingTuesday. “#GivingTuesdayNow is a chance for us to stand united and use grassroots generosity to show that we are all in this together, beginning to end. Even as many face financial uncertainty, generosity is not about size. From calling an elderly neighbor to chat to offering translation help; from showing gratitude to our healthcare workers to donating to your local food bank, every act of kindness is a beacon of hope in this crisis. We all have something to give, and every act of human consideration and kindness matters.” Those interested in Faith Hope Love Community’s #GivingTuesdayNow efforts can visit our website.  For more details about the GivingTuesday movement, visit the Giving Tuesday website (, Facebook page ( or follow @GivingTuesday and #GivingTuesdayNow on Twitter


tchinerlOistFHL Giving Tuesday Now – May 5, 2020
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FHL MFP Drive Thru Grand Opening – May 9, 2020


Come one, Come all…

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1st is the Pre-Grand opening starting at noon…

Lunch will be on FHL…Celebrate with us tomorrow for the pre-Grand Opening of the FHL MFP Drive-thru missional food pantry as we give BBQ Family meal packs good for 4 individuals with bread, drinks, chips, tortillas, and dessert.


tchinerlOistFHL MFP Drive Thru Grand Opening – May 9, 2020
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Meet Our Table Talk #55 Guest Speakers

Before the FHL Table Talk #55 was aired on Thursday, at 11am, Merlin interviewed each of the guest speakers separately.  Below are their interviews.

Indianapolis Joint Leaders’ member, Larry Smith is the Founder & President of Leading Edge Advisory Firm (LEAF LLC), a consultancy that he founded in 2009. Larry is the former Managing Director of Indiana University’s Randall L. Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence. The Tobias Leadership Center seeks to transform the practice and theory of leadership across sectors.

Milele Kennedy is the Food Policy and Program Coordinator for the City of Indianapolis. Coming from Indy Parks as the USDA Food Programs Grant Manager, her primary role was a state and federal food program management and creating partnerships with organizations to feed hungry youth in Marion County. Previously employed by the Department of Defense.

Meet one of the Speakers for the 55th Table Talk, Inspire Your Generation. Unai Andres is a GIS and data analyst at the Polis Center and SAVI, where he focuses on data analysis and data literacy education. His expertise is in mixed methods research, GIS software, and food access. Unai previously worked for the Muncie Food Hub Partnership.

Finally, on Thursday, April 9th, everyone was gathered online using our new streaming platform for FHL Table Talk #55.  Enjoy.

tchinerlOistMeet Our Table Talk #55 Guest Speakers
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Kindness Day: IUPUI Volunteers Help FHL Warehouse Clean Up

FHL had another Kindness Day recently – a day to just be kind with others. This latest outreach was  held on September 10th, 2016. Two groups of volunteers from IUPUI assisted FHL at two locations, one group met to organize and clean the FHL warehouse and the other group assisted in a Neighborhood clean up at the Butler-Tarkington area.



tchinerlOistKindness Day: IUPUI Volunteers Help FHL Warehouse Clean Up
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FHL Week 2016 Sponsorship Challenge

Thrivent Financial Associates is really getting into the spirit of FHL Week 2016 and is reaching out to support the Indianapolis community with volunteers, seed money and an advertising plan for an outreach.

If you are a business (or organization) in the Indianapolis area, won’t you consider joining Thrivent Financial and create your own outreach? All it takes is:

  • An action team of volunteers
  • Seed money of $250 for a food pantry or outreach
  • Advertising plan for the outreach

Do It and download the form. Fill it out and mail it to FHL.

Do you already have an active food pantry in 46208?

To celebrate the 12th Annual FHL Week, Faith Hope and Love Community is giving away $50 each to 5 food pantries in the 46208 zip code area and the surrounding neighborhoods as seed money to improve their pantry site, serve the clients better, food drive, etc. you name it! Only 5 will be selected based on the creativeness of the project. Simple fill out the Project Proposal Form. It’s designed to help you to think creatively and specifically about what kind of outreach you will start with $50 of seed money.

Each participant will fill out a form to provide detailed information on your creative pantry project.

The deadline to submit the completed form is July 18th

Email the form to or snail mail/hand-deliver to Merlin at:

MLK Community Center (care of FHL Community)
40 W. 40th St.
Indianapolis, IN., 46208

The key to this fun-filled project is collaboration, partnership and engagement of the community. Please call Merlin at 317-572-5793 for any questions or for any assistance in putting your project together.

tchinerlOistFHL Week 2016 Sponsorship Challenge
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FHL Week 2016: Bringing Four Neighborhoods Together

In the past, FHL strives to bring the different denominations to work together. This year, FHL will focus on bringing the 4 contiguous neighborhoods in Indy – Meridian-Kessler, Butler-Tarkington, Crown Hill and the United Northwest neighborhoods.

There will be outreaches, projects and services all around these neighborhoods for this year’s FHL Week which will be from July 24th-30th.

There are already several projects in the planning stage and more will come. You are invited to join and witness the convergence of 4 neighborhoods in Indy. Contact Merlin at for more info.

tchinerlOistFHL Week 2016: Bringing Four Neighborhoods Together
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Faith Hope Love Inc. Table Talk: May 12, 2016

The monthly FHL Table Talk was attended by 6 out of the 15 current operating food pantries/soup kitchens in 46208 and surrounding neighborhoods.  We had a great discussion about the need for change to serve our neighborhoods even better.










Contact FHL today so you can participate in the next table talk.


tchinerlOistFaith Hope Love Inc. Table Talk: May 12, 2016
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IUPUI Caesar Chavez Day of Service

We had an FHL ‘Kindness Day’ at the office.  Several IUPUI students came to help out for Cesar Chavez Day of Service! They sorted products, assembled rack shelving and cleaned.  We now have more space to receive more donations!

tchinerlOistIUPUI Caesar Chavez Day of Service
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