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An FHL Missional Food Pantry Testimonial

A testimonial from Shawn, Prayer Director at Indy Vineyard Missional Food Pantry:

“Becky opened our Food Pantry with a great meditation on-“The Son can only do what He sees the Father doing”. This is a good reminder for us look up and follow the great example set by Jesus. We served 20 families -7 were brand new. We had 1 salvation and 1 that re-dedicated their life to Christ. The prayer team consist of some serious Warriors! We had 1 person come last month for prayer for a job and came this month praising the Lord for answered prayer! Another came last month wanting improvement with their children’s grades and came last night to share praise report of success. Bible says that when 2 or more come together to pray-God is present and hears! Glory to God!”

tchinerlOistAn FHL Missional Food Pantry Testimonial

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