Local Missionaries

What a blessed night as the local missionaries of Indy Vineyard Missional Food Pantry serve the community (5/15/18). They are quickly building up their network of partners.

FHLLocal Missionaries
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Prayer Walk

What a great group of missionaries; they planned, they communicated, and implemented a blessed community prayer walk in the Devington neighborhoods.

FHLPrayer Walk
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Missional Food Pantry Training: Full Week

It’s going to be another week full of blessings. Tonight, will be Indy Vineyard missional food pantry, tomorrow night will be Greater Gethsemane missional food pantry, Thursday night Barnes United Methodist missional food pantry and on Saturday is Zion Hope community prayer walk. Dozens of families will receive food, numerous people will be discipled and many more individuals will receive Christ in their heart. – Building Missional Communities and expanding the Kingdom of God here on earth. Praise God!

FHLMissional Food Pantry Training: Full Week
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