Building a Community of Missional Food Pantries

Part of building a community of missional food pantries is our load day.

From there, a community of missional food pantries sharing their faith, hope and love.  Congratulations to Zion Hope on your one year anniversary today and on passing the FHL Missional Food Pantry inspection by the FHL Care and Resource Team!


FHLBuilding a Community of Missional Food Pantries
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Missional Food Pantries: Testimonies and Visitations

We have a testimony from a past missional food pantry recipient and lots of pictures covering our regular missional food pantry visitations, made to encourage new and start-up missional food pantries who have graduated from the FHL Community Missional Food Pantry Training School.

Testimonial from Indy Vineyard Missional Food Pantry

Here is a truly inspirational story from this month’s (missional) pantry. About a year ago, a mother walked into our (missional) food pantry. She was staying at a women’s shelter and had two small children with her. Mary prayed for her and they made an instant connection. She accepted the Lord that night. Mary continued to pray, called her on follow-ups, and made sure she was surrounded with the Lord’s love. Today she has her own place, she is doing well, and to give back her and her kids came to the IVMFP tonight. Her kids helped in the fulfillment center and did an amazing job helping everyone. The youngest a young man about 6 years old prayed us out. He did a perfect job reciting the Lord’s Prayer, which humbled so many of us at that moment. It was very special, and a true testament to the Lord’s Power and Grace.

Cheering them on: FHL Missional Food Pantry Network

From Lydia L. Davis, FHL Missional Food Pantry Coordinator, we have the following report on our visitations to network of missional food pantries.

“We love visiting our [FHL] network Missional Food Pantries to cheer them on. Donna, Bill, and I checked in on “Rebuilding the Village” MFP at Nu Corinthian Baptist Church- nucbc tonight who will celebrate one year next month. They open every 3rd Wednesday, 6-7:30pm.”

FHLMissional Food Pantries: Testimonies and Visitations
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Beyond This Hunger: Partnerships and Collabortions

One of the core values of FHL Community teachings is partnership. This past weekend, Indiana Mentor volunteers were matched with one of FHL’s MFP (missional food pantry) network members – Zion Hope Baptist Church as part of a partnership and collaboration where both members learn in practical ways from each other. If your organization is looking for opportunities to serve in practical ways, please contact To address the challenges of food insecurity in the Central Indiana area, FHL Community through its Beyond This Hunger outreach and Table Talks, works with many organizations such as ReadyIndy, Christian Emergency Network, Midwest Food Bank, Anthem, IUPUI, Indianapolis Fruit, and multi denominational churches.

FHLBeyond This Hunger: Partnerships and Collabortions
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Missional Food Pantry: Grand Openings

Congratulations to Feed My Sheep Missional Food Pantry at University UMC  (who had a previous missional food pantry launch ) and The Father’s Table Missional Food Pantry at Cross Church for their successful launching last week with a total of 11 salvations! God is so good!

A testimonial from Cross Church after they re-opened their pantry as The Father’s Table Missional Food Pantry:

Merlin, Thank you for the encouraging feedback. Our elders discussed the possibility of having… God is moving and working on so many. They are hearing his voice and responding!!!
Kim (Cross Church)

FHLMissional Food Pantry: Grand Openings
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MFP Walkthroughs and Graduations

Congratulations to Cross Church for completing the FHL Missional Food Pantry Training School. Welcome to FHL Family! Their Grand re-Opening is on Thursday, April 11th at 6pm!

What a team! While Donna ‘Murr’ Cherry did the Final OJT for Cross Church Care Team at Zion Hope, Lydia Davis did the Final Walkthrough at Cross Church in preparation for their Grand Opening on 4/11.

FHLMFP Walkthroughs and Graduations
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Missional Approach: Wrap Around Services

Missional Food Pantry Approach: Wrap Around Services

FHL’s recent Table Talk featured learning how we can serve our recipients and volunteers even deeper through “No Cost” benefits (D-SNP) for the dual card holders – Medicare and Medicaid. “Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (DSNPs) enroll beneficiaries are entitled to both Medicare (Title XVIII) and Medical Assistance from a State Plan under Title XIX (Medicaid), and offer the opportunity of enhanced benefits by combining those available through Medicare and Medicaid.” (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services)

Several pantry recipients have already signed up at different FHL MFP and are now enjoying the benefits. This is another way of providing wrap around services to your pantry recipients. And FHL Table Talks serve to help the community look into and discuss the benefits of a number of existing options for helping our clients.

FHLMissional Approach: Wrap Around Services
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The Missional Approach: Missional Certification

After months of careful planning, methodical preparation, intercessions and intense training, Feed My Sheep Missional Food Pantry is ready for  Graduation and Certification!

Congratulations, Feed My Sheep! Greater things are yet to come!

We are looking forward to the Grand Opening of Feed My Sheep missional food pantry on Wednesday, April 10 at 6pm.

Are you interested in obtaining a missional food pantry certification for your food pantry?  Contact FHL Community by phone at: 317-572-5793 or email: .  FHL Missional Food Pantry Training School uses the FHL Missonal Food Pantry Training Manual to train students.

You can sign up to help Feed My Sheep under our April Volunteer Opportunities.

FHLThe Missional Approach: Missional Certification
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