FHl Volunteers: IUPUI APO

Thanks to Alpha Phi Omega group from  IUPUI for cleaning the donated box truck and the surroundings of our office building at the MLK Center.

FHLFHl Volunteers: IUPUI APO
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FHL Warehouse: A temporary solution.

Because of your fervent prayers, the answer came fast! For the next few months starting in October 2017, the FHL Warehouse will be at 2259 N. Ralston Ave. Indianapolis 46218.

Thank you for those who have lent us this space.

FHLFHL Warehouse: A temporary solution.
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FHL Warehouse: Food Allocations

God gave FHL favor this Sept 19th by withholding the rain just before we started the food allocations. Our team at our tentative distribution center are both resilient and flexible. Seven organizations received the Lord’s provision for the community.

Please continue to pray for us as we actively wait for our permanent distribution center. Ideally, we can serve the community better having a distribution center in 46208, 46218 or 46205 zip code with a ramp and a dock around 10k square feet. Thank you for being a part of community transformation through the Gospel (Good News) of Salvation and the Gospel of the Kingdom (social transformation).


FHLFHL Warehouse: Food Allocations
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Missional Food Pantry: Salvations

The harvest is coming!
Our results from two of the Missional Food Pantries last week: You Feed Them at Barnes UMC had 54 recipients and 15 salvations; Mt. Nebo MBC served 47 with 4 salvations.


FHLMissional Food Pantry: Salvations
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FHL Table Talks: 2nd Year Anniversary

We celebrated the 2nd year anniversary of the 46208 Table Talk with food, prayers, recognition and announced the winner of the 2017 FHL Week Challenge. Most importantly, 7 people received Jesus Christ as their Savior at the FHL Missional Food Pantry.

FHLFHL Table Talks: 2nd Year Anniversary
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Missional Food Pantry: Zion Hope MBC

On September 16, 2017, FHL presented the Missional Food Pantry model to Zion Hope MBC missions board. They are very excited that there is more to managing a food pantry beyond just handing out food.

FHLMissional Food Pantry: Zion Hope MBC
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