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Building Missional Communities

Inspiring and dedicated followers of Christ endured the cold weather for the FHL Missional Food Pantry On-The-Job Training Conference. So proud of the two new partnering churches – University UMC and Cross Church. Building Missional Communities, neighborhood to neighborhood.

Today we welcomed another one of our newer soon-to-be launched Missional Food Pantries, the Cross Church, for OJT on our Distribution Day. They were a great help in spite of the freezing temperatures. Thank You for all the MFP Leaders and Volunteers who come with a smile and heart to serve without grumbling in this inclement weather, and also help keep me persevering in site of my own challenges. Thank You again to Pastor Dr. Wayne Smith for allowing us to use their space for our loadouts at University United Methodist Church.  Thank you also to Thank You BBQ Heaven for the use of their truck!

tchinerlOistBuilding Missional Communities

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