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The Aspects of a MISSIONAL Food Pantry


Our FHL Drive-Thru Missional Food Pantry starts with devotions.  After the spiritual, then the physical demonstration of God’s love.  Every Saturday from 10 am to 11:30 am; one household per month is given boxes of food, one with fresh and the other nonperishable.

Households Served And Prayed For

The Drive-Thru pantry service continues with serving 35+ vehicles with 57 households.  As part of the missional outreach to each household, on a given Saturday there is an average of 17 salvations and 1 rededication.  Added on to the cars who receive food through the Drive-Thru, are those expanded volunteers’ outreaches ending with a total of 100 households provided.

How Our Outreaches End

At the end of each Saturday’s Drive-Thru missional food pantry, we offer the volunteers boxes of food to deliver on their way home to families in need and to offer prayers for the recipients as well.  One of the very first ever volunteers of Faith, Hope and Love community delivered food to a family in a trailer park west of Indy. She received this beautiful note from the family!




FHLThe Aspects of a MISSIONAL Food Pantry

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